Industrial manufacturers

Industries are facing more stringent requirements on energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions. This represents a big challenge, as many facilities are running out of viable solutions to decrease their energy demand.

The EnergyNest Thermal Battery opens entirely new possibilities for waste heat valorization. Our system allows industrial facilities to store thermal energy to provide heat on demand, but also smoothing highly variable processes by acting as a buffer. The stored thermal energy can serve multiple purposes such as preheating, steam production or electricity generation. Industries with high-temperature processes, such as metals production (primary steel, aluminium, copper production) mineral ores processing (cement, lime, gypsum) along with the glass, chemicals, and ceramics industries all stand to benefit from integrating this technology.

Revenue opportunities

  • Reduced electricity consumption and costs
  • Fuel savings from decreased natural gas consumption
  • Incentives available for cogeneration
  • Participation in electricity demand-side response programs
  • Residual heat provides opportunity for district heating contracts
  • Possibility to control steam provision to other local industries
  • Carbon credits for large industrial emitters

Case example

EnergyNest is developing a 60 MWhth Thermal Battery system at a major aluminium plant in Northern Europe. The project consists of recovering and storing thermal energy from flue gases in a casting plant, allowing a yearly energy recovery of more than 42 GWh. The heat recovery system is used for electricity production and feed-in of residual heat to district heating networks.


  • Revenue potential of more than 2 million euros
  • 9% reduction in electricity consumption
  • Reduced peak load of 2 MW invoking grid reduction fees from local utility
  • 33 GWh of hot water supply to local district heating network
  • Avoided future carbon emission penalties
  • Payback of less than 4 years before public incentives

Thomas Palkovich

VP Project Development

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