Senior Engineer, Civil & Structural

Senior Engineer, Civil & Structural

Senior Engineer, Civil & Structural

Location: EnergyNest AS, Olav Brunborgsvei 6, N-1396 Billingstad, Norway

EnergyNest AS is a young technology company with a new and innovative high-temperature Thermal Battery (TB) technology. The company is based in Norway and operates globally. We broke commercial ground in 2019 with the first commercial order, and we are now rapidly scaling to meet a larger demand for our solution in a global market. Our technology stores thermal energy at high temperatures and has clear advantages in both reduced cost, simplicity and flexibility vs. other technologies on the market. Our focus is primarily towards the energy-intensive industry, a sector that consumes 1/3 of global energy, the majority of which is in the form of heat. Alongside industrial applications we see growing demand for our solution within thermal power generation from solar energy, waste-to-energy plants and more. Our go-to-market region is Western Europe, while second wave targets include the US, China and Australia. Check us out on LinkedIn.

EnergyNest needs to expand its competence base within civil- & structural engineering. We are therefore seeking a new team member with the right qualifications to take a leading role in ongoing as well as future commercial projects. Civil- & structural engineering is an integral part of EnergyNest’s offering; Our patented technology centers around the Thermal Battery Module, which is basically a structural steel frame carrying the thermal energy storage elements. Our modules rest on concrete foundation and are covered with insulation and an external steel superstructure with cladding – connected to an external piping system. As such, steel structures and concrete foundations make up a large part of the Thermal Battery technology.

EnergyNest is a creative and dynamic, young company with a very inspiring work environment. The workplace is in the main office at Billingstad outside Oslo. The company has additional offices in Hamburg and Seville, and the job requires travelling internationally.


Job responsibilities:

  • Design of concrete foundations and steel structures using 3D & CAD software
  • Verify design according to international, applicable codes and standards
  • Optimize design wrt. technical and economic parameters
  • Quality assurance and -control
  • Project planning and follow-up


Desired competences:

  • High analytical and interdisciplinary skills
  • Able to work independently, focused, ability to solve complex problems
  • Innovative mindset
  • Very good communication- and presentation skills
  • Fluency in English and Scandinavian language, written and orally


Required experience and qualifications:

  • M.Sc. or higher in civil engineering
  • Knowledge and experience in use of structural analysis software
  • Expert knowledge in design and applicable standards for steel and concrete structures, such as EN-1990, 1992 and 1993
  • 3D & CAD software, such as AutoCad, SolidWorks or similar.
  • Minimum 5 years of relevant industrial work experience
  • General office software

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