How our thermal energy storage can impact your business

Turn off-peak electricity, waste heat or excess steam into energy on demand.


Industries are facing more stringent requirements on energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions, and many facilities are running out of viable solutions to decrease their energy demand and dependency on fossil fuel based heat or power generation with oil and gas.


If you are an energy producer or industrial consumer, it is likely that you are producing very large quantities of heat or steam or have excess electricity that could be deployed in a flexible manner to maximize its value. We store this energy for later use, enabling you to manage your energy on demand – maximizing its economic value and even obtaining new revenues.


Make a meaningful impact on your business by reducing plant operating costs, creating new revenue streams, enabling 24/7 clean energy supply and decarbonizing your company. Move towards the energy transition today and tomorrow, with thermal storage solutions.

How thermal storage benefits your business

Meet your sustainability and ESG targets. You receive clean process heat or steam based on excess renewable electricity, waste heat, steam or concentrated solar, reducing the carbon emissions of your industry from scope 1, 2 and 3 for a fully circular and decarobnized system.

Protect your company from price volatility, CO2 compensation and grid costs. Our systems generate cost savings or additional earnings by intelligently balancing fluctuations in your operational setup, or the power grids.

Reduce your dependency on fossil fuel based heat and power generation from oil and gas. Our energy storage solutions substantially increase reliability of your energy supply, and lead to security of supply for your production processes on site.

Showcase your drive to innovation with a proven technology. Our modular and scalable ThermalBattery™ technology has been tried, tested and deployed in commercial operations, and we install storage systems all over the world.

Every industrial or power plant is a unique setup. Every production process is individually designed. Our storage systems are no different, and are customized to your specific needs on site.

Work with a trusted and experienced partner. Our team of scientists, engineers and business professionals will work together with you from initial assessment through to commissioning and operation.

Energy storage is at the heart of the energy transition – powering the move to a renewable future for global industry and ending fossil fuel dependency. Our energy storage solutions help customers across the entire energy system to maximize the value of their energy – from renewable and conventional power producers to industrial energy consumers.

Replacing fossil fuel based generation by electrifying industrial processes with renewable power speeds up your decarbonization and unlocks valuable cost savings. Store low-cost renewable power during off-peak hours in our ThermalBattery™ and transform it into high grade process heat or steam on demand with power-to-x.
Thermal energy storage provides affordable, reliable and cost-efficient energy storage technology for industrial processes and CSP/CST plants. With plug and play integration, it enables 24/7 power, heat or steam supply ‒ providing a cost-competitive storage solution compared to molten-salt.
Industrial operations have back-up solutions to manage under-supply and volatility of heat, and heat dumping mechanisms in case of over-supply. Our energy storage captures and stores excess steam, allowing it to be re-used in existing production cycles – increasing the security of steam supply and ultimately decreasing operating costs.
Creating access to waste heat from industrial processes and re-using it on demand has a massive impact on global energy efficiency. Our energy storage captures and stores excess heat to provide affordable energy on demand for energy-intensive industries – bringing major cost and efficiency savings.
All our customer solutions are based on our patented ThermalBattery™ technology. This enables high-performance thermal concrete storage at scale, together with innovative embedded heat exchangers.
Together with our strong network of partners we deliver our solutions as turn-key systems, as build-own-operate, or simply adjust the ThermalBattery™ as hardware ‒ entirely according to your needs.
ENERGYNEST’s thermal energy storage system is seamlessly integrated with Eni’s plant – letting them extend their operations after sunset.