Steam to steam for steam grid balancing

Storing steam gives flexibility for steam supply on demand

Industrial processes are usually not designed for volatility. In order to attain stability, heating of endothermal- or cooling of exothermal processes must continue round the clock – adding major cost and resource burdens to power plants. But all too often batch processes or interruptions lead to imbalances between supply and demand requiring back-up boilers to start or steam to be dumped.


Our steam to steam storage system fills exactly this gap by storing, time-shifting and balancing high- or medium pressure steam to make it available on demand: achieving true balance needed for greener industrial processes.

How steam to steam for steam grid balancing works

(1) Excess steam is withdrawn from steam grid to directly charge the ThermalBattery™
(2) Steam is condensed inside the ThermalBattery™ system, and heat and incurring condensate is stored at minimal losses
(3) The ThermalBattery™ is discharged to steam grid (lower pressure) to supply steam on demand Either source (1) or sink (3) is volatile and there is difference in pressure of more than 10 bars between sink and source.

How this benefits your business

Decarbonize heat immediately

Quite often quick wins can be achieved in reducing CO2 emissions on the way to net zero with consuming less energy to produce steam and efficiently balance steam supply.

Save money easily

Depending on client setup, commercial payback can usually be reached in less than 6 years, due to significant cost savings in fuel and carbon certificates. Sometimes additional savings from condensation purification and maintenance can also be achieved.

Increase security of supply

Harness increased security of supply with auxiliary boilers usually remaining as backup in cold standby, increasing redundancy to n-2.

Optimize automation
Simple integration and fully automated operation based on steam system measurements, with no interferences with core production processes. The ThermalBattery™ acts as a steam buffer, flattening fluctuations within the steam grid.

How this solution is built

ThermalBattery™-package including modules, insulation, superstructure and thermal foundation.
Steam-BOP-package including piping, pressure-vessel, valves and instrumentation. Depending on customer requirements usually implemented within plants distributed control system (DCS).
You want to know more?

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All our customer solutions are based on our patented ThermalBattery™ technology. This enables high-performance thermal concrete storage at scale, using innovative embedded heat exchangers.
Together with our strong network of partners we deliver our solutions as turn-key systems, as build-own-operate, or simply adjust the ThermalBattery™ as hardware ‒ entirely according to your needs.