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Speed up your energy transition with our ThermalBattery™

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What we do

Powering the move to a net-zero future for global industry and ending fossil fuel dependency.

The heart of our technology:
the Thermal­Battery™ module


Temperature up to 450°C |
Pressure up to 100+ bar


Up to 2 MWhth (20 feet) |
Up to 4 MWhth (40 feet)

High efficiency

Thermal efficiency > 95 %


No moving parts

Easy to install

Plug & Play standard 20 foot ISO shipping container

Rapid decarbonisation

CO2 payback: after 2 months


Thermal oil or steam as heat transfer fluid

Easily scalable

Modular system from 3 MWh to > 1,000 MWh

Find our solutions for your industry

Thermal energy storage for industry

Your green energy storage solutions

If you are an energy producer or industrial consumer, it’s time to turn your reliance on large quantities of heat or electricity into a business advantage. Thermal energy storage has many profitable use cases for industry. ENERGYNEST’s renewable storage technology captures power, heat or steam and repurposes it as on-demand clean energy: maximizing your energy flexibility, security and decarbonization. Our ThermalBattery™ delivers attractive returns by reducing plant operating costs, creating new revenue streams, and enabling 24/7 renewable energy supply. As we move further towards a world of renewables, our ThermalBattery™ will enable a more responsible use of intermittent energy, helping to balance power grids and ensure a clean future.



The ENERGYNEST ThermalBattery™
Charge and discharge on demand

Our energy storage technology is the missing piece in the puzzle to decarbonize your industry. It is time to power an affordable energy transition by turning thermal energy into energy on demand for 24/7 use as heat or steam. Energy storage also mitigates highly variable energy demand by acting as a buffer. Our ThermalBattery™ technology is modular, flexible, scalable and built for purpose. The principle is to store thermal energy within a solid-state storage material, called HEATCRETE®, and discharge as needed.
Together with the world-leading fertilizer company YARA International, we have integrated a 4 MWh ThermalBattery™ directly connected to the steam grid at their production facility in Norway.
ENERGYNEST is a dynamic, future-facing energy company founded in 2011 with the goal to engineer scalable, modular thermal batteries that store and supply clean energy on demand. Our energy storage solutions are a game-changer for decarbonizing industry and ending fossil fuel dependency. We’re here to help you make it happen.

We combine an entrepreneurial mindset with collaborative green engineering expertise, to offer innovative industrial solutions for a renewable future. We dare to lead, think flexibly and take action for sustainability. What about you?


All our customer solutions are based on our patented ThermalBattery™ technology. This enables high-performance thermal concrete storage at scale, using innovative embedded heat exchangers.
Together with our strong network of partners we deliver our solutions as turn-key systems, as build-own-operate, or simply adjust the ThermalBattery™ as hardware ‒ entirely according to your needs.
With our strong partner relationships, we seamlessly produce and integrate our ThermalBatteries™ into existing infrastructure. Creative, flexible collaboration with industry leaders makes storing energy for heat and steam demands a reality today – not tomorrow. We deliver our projects together with strong partners in well-established processes to guarantee smooth execution and seamless integration.

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