Code of Conduct

This Code of Conduct is based on internationally-recognized human rights and principles of fair business and sustainability. It defines our standard business practices, and we require commitment to these practices from our employees and managers as well as our business partners and suppliers.1

Therefore, we will make available our Code of Conduct to new business partners and suppliers and their acceptance shall be required as part of the commercial relationship. Mentioned business partners and suppliers shall also convey our Code of Conduct to their main suppliers in the framework of our projects and, in case that they see any infringement of our Code of Conduct, we should be notified to ensure the implementation of this code of Conduct in a responsible manner.


Any misconduct or infringements of the principles of this code of Conduct can be reported anonymously through This communication channel can be used likewise for consultation in case of doubts about potential infringements or noncompliance.


The Code of Conduct is reviewed regularly, based on input from the leadership team. The execution of this Code of Conduct will be observed and monitored by our Compliance Officer. Training on this Code of Conduct forms part of the induction process for all new employees, and regular training will be provided at least once every year.


Likewise, we expect from our business partners to have in place corresponding due diligence mechanisms to ensure that their employees comply with the principles under this Code of Conduct.

1. Human rights

In general, the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights shall be observed and followed.

1.1 Child labour

We do not engage any person under 16 years old and we make sure that the work performed by young professionals does not interfere with their schooling needs.

1.2 Abuse and harassment

Employees shall be treated respectfully in the workplace. Any physical, sexual, verbal or psychological harassment or any other kind of harassment shall be strictly forbidden and disciplinary penalized by the employer.

1.3 Discrimination

We promote diversity within our organizations, granting equal working conditions and opportunities to our employees no matter their race, gender, age, religion, sexual orientation or any other status.

1.4 Labour conditions

Any unlawful employment is strictly forbidden. We abide all applicable laws, rules and regulations in the different countries of operation. All employees shall be provided with written employment agreements that outline their working conditions. In particular, they shall be granted a fair remuneration for their type of work as well as rest breaks according to industry standards and collective agreements.

1.5 Health & Safety

A safe and healthy workplace shall be provided to the staff according to international standards. More in detail, bluecollar workers should be provided with certified personal protective equipment in the performance of their work and have access to regular training in relevant safety topics like hazardous materials, hot works or confined spaces. Reporting procedures shall be in place in case of work accident or injury as well as associated prevention plans that identify the main hazards and risks in the workplace.

2. Fair business

2.1 Bribery and corruption

We comply with the highest standards in business ethics and avoid any form of kickback or facilitation payments with the purpose of influencing or obtaining unethical business. More in detail, all commercial arrangements shall be properly documented as well as applicable fees, which shall be proportionate for the kind of services to be provided.

2.2 Business gifts

In general, we prefer that our employees do not receive any hospitality or gifts from business partners. In any case the value of such gifts shall be reasonable and appropriate in the individual circumstances so that they do not create any conflict of interest. Gifts shall always be delivered at the recipient’s office address.

2.3 Free competition

We promote free competition within the market in order to ensure the highest quality standards in the services offered to our clients. In this sense we strictly prohibit any anticompetitive practice from suppliers like fixing prices, limiting production or restricting the supply of any goods or services.

3. Environment

As part of our mission to decarbonize industrial activities we are fully committed to reduce the impact of business operations in the environment, especially in relation to air pollution, waste and water contamination. Therefore, we implement sustainability principles within our supply chains to make an efficient use of natural resources as well as to minimize our CO2 footprint.

Likewise, we expect from our business partners to implement sustainability principles within their scope of business and to have reporting mechanisms in place that show their ambition to tackle climate change.


1 We acknowledge our particular responsibility to ensure that all of ENERGYNEST’s employees act in accordance with the aforementioned corporate values. Therefore, in addition to this Code of Conduct, multiple policies are in place that are defining in more detail the responsibilities of ENERGYNEST’s employees with regard to such corporate values.