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ENERGYNEST is a dynamic, future-facing energy company founded in 2011 with the goal to engineer scalable, modular thermal batteries that store and supply clean energy on demand. Our storage solutions are a game-changer for decarbonizing industry and reducing energy waste.


We dare to lead, think flexibly and take action for sustainability. What about you? Join our growing international team to drive real change and power tomorrow.


Hear what our employees have to say about working at ENERGYNEST. Meet some colleagues from our offices and find out what their jobs are like and what they enjoy the most about working at ENERGYNEST.

Working at ENERGYNEST has its perks. Supporting your professional and personal growth, your career and your well-being is extremely important to us. That is why we offer you numerous benefits to help you succeed.

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Your green impact

With our work, we make a significant contribution to driving forward the decarbonization and thus the energy transition of industry – every single day. You will become an important part of our journey towards a green future for generations to come.

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Keep growing and support your own development

Your professional and personal growth is important to us. We support all employees with various and individually designed training methods and annual budgets for job-based training measures. We offer you varied tasks, room for your ideas and interests and the opportunity to learn from each other. In addition, our flat structures enable significantly more development than large and traditional companies.

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Your work-life balance

We trust our employees; everyone is responsible for their own work arrangements and weekly planning. We offer work-life balance at all locations and your health and balance really matters to us! The majority of our employees have several children and appreciate the high flexibility in terms of working from home as well as our local offices. We enjoy working together, even more on site, so we prefer to be in the office three days per week.

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Fun as a team

We love working as a team and foster our team spirit. We  like to have a really good time together! Whether at our summer team event (e.g. Amsterdam in 2023), the winter team event (e.g. Madrid in 2023), daily lunch, joint runs or gym session, or any other spontaneous after-work activity.

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Work without worries

You will get modern state-of-the-art IT hardware for your work from home and in our office. All our offices offer ergonomic office equipment as well as fruit and beverages. In addition, of course all our employees are insured for possible risks at work and company trips.

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Participate in our joint success

We offer all our employees a unique equity-based retention program that allows the team to share in the financial success of the company with a potential payout in a few years.

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Evolve with us

We are a privately owned company with a long-term perspective and we are well capitalized through our main investor, Infracapital, that is part of the M&G Group. This gives us a strong partner with a large network at our side, enabling us to grow further and make bold moves in the energy transition.


For me, as a woman who has dedicated the entire professional life to the renewable energy sector, I’ve been pleasantly surprised to discover a company like ENERGYNEST. Here, diversity isn’t just a buzzword—it’s our foundation. Being part of a company that genuinely values diversity has empowered me to thrive both personally and professionally.

In my role as QHSE Manager, I’m committed to ensuring that our industrial thermal energy storage solutions not only meet sustainability targets but also prioritize safety and integrity. Together, we’re paving the way towards a greener future, where achieving net-zero emissions isn’t merely a dream but an achievable reality.”

ENERGYNEST Teresa Gutiérrez

Teresa Gutiérrez

QHSE Manager

At ENERGYNEST, we make real impact happen every day.

Our purpose is to make pioneering green solutions accessible to industry, giving clients the power to evolve towards profitable sustainability and stay competitive in an ever-evolving environment on its path to net-zero. As a team, we are optimistic about the world and the planet because we can be. Energy storage is at the heart of the energy transition: to end fossil fuel dependency and to power the energy transition of industry globally. That’s the challenge – and the opportunity – that we work on every day.

ENERGYNEST team in numbers

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Our values and culture

While we’re a pretty international and diverse bunch of people, some shared values guide how we act. We’re known to be innovative and flexible. That wouldn’t be possible without a culture that empowers everyone to be curious, creative and purposeful in everything they do.

Gunnar Schwartz

Gunnar Schwartz

VP People & Culture


To me, ENERGYNEST is a company where I can learn every day and where I am surrounded by colleagues who are characterized by their enormous friendliness and helpfulness, their high motivation to make an impact in the company and on the decarbonization. And I also like to spend part of my free time with them! I can organize my working day independently, work regularly from home and thus ensure that my other passions, such as sport, are also possible and do not miss out. The company takes great care of every single employee individually, which I find extremely admirable!”

Our offices in Norway, Spain, Germany and the Netherlands: Life @ ENERGYNEST

We are working from all over Europe with offices in Billingstad (near Oslo), Hamburg, Sevilla and Rotterdam. Have a look at what a typical day at ENERGYNEST looks like.

At ENERGYNEST we combine an entrepreneurial mindset with collaborative green engineering expertise, to offer innovative industrial solutions for a renewable future.


Every day we work together to speed up the energy transition – from all over Europe. Our team consists of some of the most talented energy pioneers.

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Do you fit in with us? Are we the right company for you? Let’s find out! Throughout the entire application process, we focus on full transparency and speed to be able to give you feedback as soon as possible.
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Online Application

Do you want to help us speed up the energy transition? Send us your application via our homepage in less than 2 minutes.
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Video interview (30 minutes)

Video interview with People & Culture and your future Line Manager.
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On-site case interview (90 minutes)

On-site case interview with future Line Manager, direct colleagues and People & Culture. You will prepare a case presentation and do a psychological online test. We will provide you with all the necessary information in advance.

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Our offer

You will hear from us after your second interview as soon as possible. If you and we believe that you are the right person for the job, we will make you an offer.


Engineering a system from concept to realization is an exciting journey. I have been at ENERGYNEST from the very beginning, and seeing how this now really comes to life in industrial settings is so rewarding! Within our engineering and technology team, everyone contributes throughout the projects to obtain the best solution for our customers.”

Prof. Nils Høivik

Prof. Nils Høivik

Engineering & Technology