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At ENERGYNEST, we make real impact happen every day.
Join our growing international team to drive real change and power tomorrow.

Our purpose is to make pioneering green solutions accessible to industry, giving clients the power to evolve towards profitable sustainability and stay competitive in an ever-evolving environment on its path to net-zero. As a team, we are optimistic about the world and the planet because we can be. Energy storage is at the heart of the energy transition: to end fossil fuel dependency and to power the energy transition of industry globally. That’s the challenge – and the opportunity – that we work on every day. We dare to lead, think flexibly and take action for sustainability. What about you?
Powering the global energy transition, nest by nest

Powering the global energy transition, nest by nest

ENERGYNEST is a dynamic, future-facing energy company founded in 2011 with the goal to engineer scalable, modular thermal batteries that store and supply clean energy on demand. Our storage solutions are a game-changer for reducing energy waste and decarbonizing industry. We’re here to help you make it happen.

A team with a vision for real impact

At ENERGYNEST we combine an entrepreneurial mindset with collaborative green engineering expertise, to offer innovative industrial solutions for a renewable future.

We dare to lead, think flexibly and take action for sustainability. What about you?

Your benefits working at ENERGYNEST
We are the right company at the right time: our thermal storage solutions help to solve current issues around energy security and net-zero for industry. We want you to become a part of this exciting journey and our international team.
  • We are a privately owned company with a long-term perspective, and well capitalized through one of Europe’s largest asset managers: Infracapital.
  • Our company language is English and our modern offices are based in Norway (Billingstad near Oslo), Germany (Hamburg) and Spain (Seville).
  • You will challenge and develop yourself and the way the world thinks about the energy transition every day! We believe in workplace flexibility and hybrid working, and support meeting the demands both of a professional and personal life.
  • You can participate in our unique and exclusive retention program which allows for the teams’s participation in the company’s financial success; everything you do has an impact every day!
  • We love building our team! We regularly get together for global events gathering the full team of 10 nationalities from all different locations or local events and initiatives outside the office: there is a life beyond work. 
Our storage solutions are one of the most important levers to reduce energy consumption and decarbonize industry. That’s no easy task: join us today and be part of the renewable energy revolution!

“Working in a company developing new and innovative thermal energy storage systems which will contribute to the energy transition is highly motivating. Engineering a system from concept to realization is an exciting journey. I have been at ENERGYNEST from the very beginning, and seeing how this now really comes to life in industrial settings is so rewarding! Collaborating with colleagues on solving all the interdisciplinary challenges is really fun. Within our engineering and technology team, everyone contributes throughout the projects to obtain the best solution for our customers.”


Engineering & Technology

“At ENERGYNEST we are at the heart of the energy transition. Developing business in an industry that is constantly changing is of course challenging yet so exciting. I love the fast pace and the thrill that comes with it. And more importantly: the real impact we have on the world. In business development we drive change, we support our customers get energy security, we help them to meet ESG targets and work more sustainably and basically join them on new ways to technological innovation and decarbonization. We are the voice of the customer, driving our commercial and product development. We make the energy transition happen, one customer at the time and really shake up the energy industry as we know it!”


Commercial & Project Development

“We have tried to capture our mindset in 9 attributes and as People & Culture Manager, three are particularly close to my heart. Our team is extremely impact-driven, which has allowed us to go from an original idea to a growing scale-up. From the beginning, I was thrilled how curious & creative all my colleagues are, they are all experts in their fields and happy to share their knowledge with you, that's something you rarely find nowadays. And of course, my highlight is the people in the company and networking with each other. Our colleagues originate from over 9 different countries and we make a point of getting to know each other's cultures better every day. You never really stop learning!”


People & Culture

Eva Bellido VP Project Management, EnergyNest

“Working in a fast-paced small company is exciting, and it’s challenging. It’s like being a potter. You know you have a block of clay that is spinning around at high speed, and everything you do has an immediate effect on what is happening. We are a small team that works very well together, and we can make decisions that have an immediate effect on the company. You feel that every day.”


Project Management

Our offices in Norway, Spain and Germany:

“Even after 8 years in the company, whatever I do from Monday to Friday doesn’t really feel like work. Not like checking your watch for dinner, or waiting for the next holiday. It’s like a mission. And that’s why I’m still here, and here to stay.”



“The most important thing to understand and to contribute to the energy transition, is that it isn’t just about this one solution. It’s tons of bits and pieces, all linked intelligently. It’s a puzzle. ENERGYNEST is one of the missing puzzle pieces. And I like seeing the company grow and be part of that journey. Finding new customers, finding perfect solutions and developing projects. And you can do your work from pretty much all around the world.”


Marketing & Communications