Our Partners

We have forged partnership networks with world-class research institutions and industry-leading companies.

Strong and dynamic partnerships enable us to continuously improve performance, refine our renewable energy applications, and deliver integrated storage solutions to our customers across the globe.

Join the ENERGYNEST movement and collaborate with us to power the global energy transition of industry to clean energy on demand, Nest by Nest.

    Are you interested in ENERGYNEST, or have any questions regarding your green energy or our applications.


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    Game-changing ThermalBattery™

    All our customer solutions are based on our patented ThermalBatteryTM technology. This enables high-performance thermal concrete storage at scale, using innovative embedded heat exchangers.

    Visionary projects, successfully delivered

    ENERGYNEST put its innovative technology through rigorous testing in our ThermalBatteryTM pilot, installed at Masdar, Abu Dhabi. We are currently delivering several pioneering commercial projects for different applications.

    Award-winning & hungry for more

    We are an award-winning company with big ambitions. We aim to generate environmental and economic benefits with ThermalBatteryTM for our customers in the power sector, as well as energyintensive industries.