Meet the team

As a team, we are optimistic about the world and the planet because we can be. Energy storage is at the heart of the energy transition – to end fossil fuel dependency and to power the energy transition of industry globally. That’s the challenge – and the opportunity – that we work on every day.


We combine an entrepreneurial mindset with collaborative green engineering expertise, to offer innovative industrial solutions for a renewable future.


We dare to lead, think flexibly and take action for sustainability. What about you?

Working in a fast-paced small company is exciting, and it’s challenging. It’s like being a potter. You know you have a block of clay that is spinning around at high speed, and everything you do has an immediate effect on what is happening. We are a small team that works very well together, and we can make decisions that have an immediate effect on the company. You feel that every day.”
Eva Bellido VP Project Management, EnergyNest


Project Management


All united for one purpose

Our team consists of some of the most talented energy pioneers in Europe, working from Billingstad (close to Oslo), Hamburg, and Seville, and also from home. A shared passion for sustainable innovation and sense of responsibility for future generations to come is what drives and connects us every day. We know the challenges of the energy transition and what it means to the industry, and work together to make the complexity understandable.

Lead by action

The change towards energy transition needs visionary leaders. Our leadership team consists of experienced experts with many years of know-how in their respective fields. They have one common mission: To support the global industry on the path towards a sustainable future.



For me, it’s about the company, but it’s also about something meaningful: about the environment and society in general. If we are not changing something, we will destroy a lot. And personally, as a father of two kids, I think that is somehow our responsibility to at least act now and do something. And that is my purpose in this company, trying to do something good with an impact on society and the environment. That was the reason why I came here.”