Solar thermal to power

Optimize feed-in of CSP plants with storing solar thermal for future power use on demand

Already today, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) allows for energy storage as an integrated part of solar plants, enabling on-demand dispatch of electricity or heat during peak hours, or even 24/7 base-load operation. However, current thermal energy storage solutions such as molten salts limit the scaling and long-term economic viability of such systems.


Our technology offers a safer and economically more viable solution. A key lever to realize affordable and reliable energy storage, it also comes at a lower CAPEX and OPEX.


Storing thermal oil and turning it to power on demand is the technology of choice to enable the most cost-effective utilization of CSP assets: increasing flexibility and output of the CSP plant, and lowering total costs.

How solar thermal to power works

(1) ThermalBatteryTM is charged from solar field directly via thermal oil loop during daylight hours
(2) Heat is stored at minimal losses in the ThermalBatteryTM

(3) The ThermalBatteryTM is discharged via the thermal oil loop to the steam generator, which then supplies steam on demand for the steam turbine

How this benefits your business

Save money easily

More value for money with thermal storage technology compared to oil tanks and molten salt storage.

Decarbonize heat immediately

Enables a true energy transition, matching supply and demand to make gas peak power plants for mornings and evenings redundant.

Reduce maintenance effort

Low maintenance cost and complexity due to the ThermalBatteryTM core being maintenance-free and requiring less to no OPEX.

How this solution is built

We closely develop these projects together with several well-known EPC suppliers of parabolic-through systems working with thermal oil.

ThermalBatteryTM-package including modules, insulation, superstructure and thermal foundation.


Thermal-Oil-BOP-package including piping, pumps, expansion-vessel, valves and instrumentation. Depending on customer requirement also independent distributed control system (DCS).


Depending on customer set-up, utilization or adjustment of existing water steam cycle including steam generator, steam turbine or new specially designed replacement / additional turbines allowing to boost electricity production in high-price times.

You want to know more?

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    Game-changing ThermalBattery™

    All our customer solutions are based on our patented ThermalBatteryTM technology. This enables high-performance thermal concrete storage at scale, using innovative embedded heat exchangers.

    Dynamic delivery models

    Together with our strong network of partners we deliver our solutions as turn-key systems, as build-own-operate, or simply adjust the ThermalBatteryTM as hardware ‒ entirely according to your needs.