If you are an energy producer or industrial consumer, it’s time to turn your reliance on large quantities of heat or electricity into a business advantage. Thermal energy storage has many profitable use cases for industry.



ENERGYNEST’s renewable storage technology captures power, heat or steam and repurposes it as on-demand clean energy: maximizing your energy flexibility, security and decarbonization.


Navigating the energy transition is no easy task. Select your industry or sector, answer a short set of questions, and together we will find a solution that best fits your requirements for energy efficiency and reduction of carbon emissions: a viable solution to decrease and decarbonize your energy demand in the long run.

Electrify industry with power-to-x

Replacing fossil fuel based generation by electrifying industrial processes with renewable power speeds up your decarbonization and unlocks valuable cost savings. Store low-cost renewable power during off-peak hours in our ThermalBatteryTM and transform it into high grade process heat or steam on demand with power-to-x.
Solar thermal to steam is the technology of choice to best utilize CST assets, recycling excess energy and enabling true decarbonization.

Unlock concentrated solar power use

Thermal energy storage provides affordable, reliable and cost-efficient energy storage technology for industrial processes and CSP/CST plants. With plug and play integration, it enables 24/7 power, heat or steam supply ‒ providing a cost-competitive storage solution compared to molten-salt.
Steam to power for must-run plants brings a new dimension to must-run electricity generation. By unlocking the flexibility to time shift power production from low to high.

Benefit from 24/7 green steam supply

Industrial operations have back-up solutions to manage under-supply and volatility of heat, and heat dumping mechanisms in case of over-supply. Our energy storage captures and stores excess steam, allowing it to be re-used in existing production cycles – increasing the security of steam supply and ultimately decreasing operating costs.

Capture and time-shift waste heat

Creating access to waste heat from industrial processes and re-using it on demand has a massive impact on global energy efficiency. Our energy storage captures and stores excess heat to provide affordable energy on demand for energy-intensive industries – bringing major cost and efficiency savings.