Avery Dennison: Balancing CST production gives sustainability boost to adhesive factory


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The production unit of Avery Dennison Performance Tapes in Belgium is shifting their heat production from natural gas (NG) to Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST). Once completed, the renewable energy platform will be the largest installation of parabolic mirrors in an industrial setting in Europe.

The CST technology employs a series of parabolic mirrors to reflect and concentrate sunlight upon a collector tube filled with liquid. The liquid, such as thermal oil, is selected for its high thermal conductivity and ability to absorb heat with maximum efficiency. The liquid can be heated to temperatures of 400 C (752 F).

The CST installation at Turnhout will supply carbon-free renewable solar energy to partially run the drying ovens on production lines used in the coating process of pressure-sensitive adhesive products manufactured at the site. These products are used in industries such as automotive, building and construction, medical device and personal care, among others.


The project is a collaboration linking Avery Dennison Performance Tapes; solar thermal developer AZTEQ, an organization that develops and runs CST facilities, ENERGYNEST, a solution provider for thermal energy storage; and other stakeholders including the local community group Campina Energie.

With ENERGYNESTs ThermalBattery™ running on thermal oil, like the CST platform, (excess) thermal energy will be stored in the storage system and dispatched on demand and at night, keeping production running and helping to further reduce emissions and enabling the plant to meet their reduction target of 70% as part of the company’s 2030 sustainability targets, plus meet net zero emissions by 2050.


This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No. 859232.

The Turnhout community has provided considerable support for the CST project. Financing was secured through Campina Energie, which is engaged in green energy projects and represents more than 1,000 Turnhout residents.

Please read more HERE on Avery Dennison’s website or HERE.

Solar thermal–to–steam

Enable optimal utilization of CST plants
The sun has incredible power. Especially south of the 45th latitude, Concentrated Solar Thermal (CST) power using parabolic through-systems will be among the cheapest technologies to produce carbon-free industrial process heat. But without storage, customers are left with a cold dark night ahead when the CST plant does not produce anymore, but process heat and steam is needed. Storing solar thermal as steam is the technology of choice to best utilize CST assets, recycling excess energy for steam production – enabling true decarbonization

Application Benefits

  • Decarbonize heat immediately
  • Save money easily
  • Reduce maintenance effort
  • Limit energy market exposure

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