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How to promote, finance, build and operate profitable storage projects in Spain


The energy storage market in Spain is expected to grow strongly in the next years. With the goal of achieving a 100% renewable country by 2050, Spain expects renewable electricity generation to account for 74% of the total by 2030 and energy storage to achieve an additional 6GW of power.


Although there is still a lot of uncertainty around it, there are already companies betting on energy storage… And they will be present at the fourth edition of RENMAD Storage! The event that brings together the main players in the industry and discusses the key issues of energy storage.


With more than 400 attendees and 60 panels and two entire days discussing the latest trends in energy storage, the fourth edition of RENMAD Storage is coming to Spain on March 29-30, 2023.


The perfect opportunity to make the most of the networking spaces and listen to experts discuss the latest changes in the sector, share real case studies. 


Meet our experts @ RENMAD ALMACENAMIENTO 2023

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