CEO Christian Thiel at REUTERS Global Energy Transition summit 2022 in NYC

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CEO Christian Thiel at REUTERS Global Energy Transition  summit June 14-15 in NYC.

Christian will be speaking on Tuesday, June 14, from 14:50 – 15:10 EST: The Next Frontier of Net-Zero – Decarbonizing Industrial Heat with Thermal Energy Storage Industry worldwide faces its own energy trilemma – to decarbonise and guarantee its security of supply while keeping costs low. Doing so partly stems from investor and stakeholder expectations around net zero. Increasingly decarbonisation of industry makes business sense too, as hydrocarbon prices continue to rise. Yet, so far, industry has not seized on a game changing solution which delivers on all aspects of the trilemma, while also turning energy users into producers.


We are talking about thermal storage. Explore how shifting mindsets on heat is a critical component of a successful energy transition, and a useful lever to help industry demonstrate the potential of the circular economy.


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