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EnergyNest took part in UN’s Climate Change Conference in Marrakech (COP22), Morocco during November 1 through 18, 2016. This is the third time the company has participated in these important events in which the international community and world leaders come together to discuss and agree upon actions to contain the serious climate impact caused by human activities.


COP21 in Paris last year marked an important milestone when leading nations agreed upon ambitious targets for sustainable development and upper limits for CO2 emissions to be implemented by year 2030. The conference in Marrakech this year focused largely on how these targets can be achieved. No doubt this was an important first reality check for the international community as to where it now stands in implementing these ambitious goals. Interestingly, Morocco has become a leading implementer of solar energy with what will be the world’s largest concentrated solar power installations Noor at Quarzazate.


Our founder and CTO, professor Pål G. Bergan, represented EnergyNest at COP22. Clearly, there is a great need for not only setting targets, but also finding the most cost effective and environmentally friendly, practical solutions to reach the ambitious, politically decided targets. Our large-scale energy storage technology fits perfectly into this picture by which the storage technology can serve as key enabler for introducing a much higher share of renewable energy in the overall energy mix as well as providing efficient ways to making use of waste heat from the industry.


Bergan had several meetings with companies and potential customers. Further, he was interviewed by UN climate TV on how the technology of EnergyNest in practice may part of the future energy solution. Finally, Bergan gave a talk in the session on innovative energy solutions.


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