ENERGYNEST established new Dutch entity

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As of March 15, Carlijn Lahaye has joined the ENERGYNEST team and we are happy to announce our new Dutch entity has been fully established.


Carlijn on being part of the team: “I have a background in (renewable) energy and waste management. My aim is to make the world a bit better and work towards a sustainable energy system and a circular economy. I love to work with teams of driven and enthusiastic colleagues to achieve more and have fun on the way. Together with the team, I hope to contribute to the decarbonisation of Dutch industry.”

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Energy storage is a key topic for the German business community. After all, the energy transition and thus the shift to renewable energy sources plays an important role for the ESG and sustainability goals and strategies of companies.

The pulp and paper industry is considered energy-intensive. But new solutions around recycling and energy storage raise great hopes. There is a lot of potential in thermal energy storage solutions.

Energy storage systems can help to successfully integrate volatile energy sources – and thus make the energy market more secure and flexible.