Tamsin Lishman speaking at FT energy transition summit on Oct 18

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Be part of Financial Times (FT) energy transition summit in October!

ENERGYNESTs CRO Tamsin Lishman will be part of the panel discussion on “How is Geopolitical Volatility Changing the Dynamics of the Energy Transition?”

Key questions are:

As winter demand rises will we see blackouts in Europe?
Are energy security concerns accelerating the growth of renewables or reinstating a state of reliance on coal?
Has the war in Ukraine changed the calculus of the energy transition?
How has it reshaped the global energy system?
To what extent has the response to the crisis baked in new challenges?
What is the timeline for recovery and can anything be done to accelerate it?

The panel will be an exciting discussion together with CEO Markus Krebber from RWE AG, Senior Research Scholar Christof Rühl from Center on Global Energy Policy of Columbia University, and Chairman of the Energy Transition Commission, Adair Turner – moderated by Energy Editor David Sheppard of the FT.

Please find the full agenda HERE.

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