Power Engineering International: How to decarbonize industrial heat and meet net-zero targets with thermal energy storage from ENERGYNEST

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For industries to cost-effectively decarbonize industrial heat, they have to end their dependence on gas and start electrifying their processes with efficient thermal energy storage.

As a society, we need to reduce our energy demand and speed up the integration of renewables without negatively affecting industrial output. This means switching to solid-state thermal batteries that harness surplus, or off-peak power, and available industrial heat for use on demand as secure, green steam and heat.

Tamsin Lishman, Chief Revenue Office at ENERGYNEST, expands on what steps industries assessing feasible options can do when it comes to the decarbonization of industrial heat.

A long-term plan to disincentivize fossil fuel use and encourage more sustainable forms of power generation from businesses is urgently needed.

To achieve this, recognition of where our energy consumption goes is crucial.

Latest News

With Carlijn Lahaye joining the team as Managing Director Netherlands, ENERGYNEST has now established a Dutch entity to fully target the market.

The company believes that Spain could lead the decarbonization of European industry.

Thermal energy storage systems play an important role for companies in making the transition to sustainable production economically profitable.