Transition Economist Outlook 2023: Thermal energy storage’s role in Europe’s energy crisis

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As we look ahead to 2023 and beyond, we reflect on one of the most turbulent years for energy affordability and security in recent history. The decades-long obsession with running businesses and homes on fossil fuels has now yielded calamitous consequences, not just for the planet but for our pockets too. The war in Ukraine has shifted our thinking on the ‘energy trilemma’ of energy security, affordability and sustainability. Previously, the trilemma was a competing triarchy, but we now have a convergence. What is sustainable is now cheaper, and what is secure is now sustainable. It is no longer: ‘What are the costs of net zero?’. It is instead: ‘What are the costs of not hitting net zero?’


Read the full feature of Christian Thiel, CEO of ENERGYNEST:


Latest News

With Carlijn Lahaye joining the team as Managing Director Netherlands, ENERGYNEST has now established a Dutch entity to fully target the market.

The company believes that Spain could lead the decarbonization of European industry.

Thermal energy storage systems play an important role for companies in making the transition to sustainable production economically profitable.